Foundations in Felt

care of artwork

Items may be wiped with a damp cloth, or hand-washed with mild soap in cool water. Remove excess water with a towel, reshape and allow to air dry.

portfolio samples

  • Blue wine bottle
    Blue wine bottle cover
  • Earth tones bottle cover
    Earth tones bottle cover
    wool, silk, natural bead
  • Black/red/white vessel
    Black/red/white vessel
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Grey boa vessel
    Grey "boa" vessel
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Small blue vessel
    Small blue vessel
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Pincushion ornament
    Pincushion ornament
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Beaded felt bangle
    Beaded felt bangle
    wool, silk, glass & natural beads
  • Beret with scarf
    Beret with scarf
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Green crown hat
    Green crown hat
    wool, silk
  • Blue handbag
    Blue handbag
    wool, silk, glass beads, wire
  • Blue/yellow handbag
    Blue/yellow handbag
    wool, silk
  • Green purse
    Green purse
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Gold/black scarf
    Gold/black scarf
  • Sea scarf
    Sea scarf
    silk chiffon, wool, silk
  • Vessel sculpture
    Vessel sculpture
    wool, bamboo
  • Planet purses
    "Planet" purses
    wool, silk
  • Berets
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Fur-trimmed felt hat
    Fur-trimmed felt hat
    merino, llama, wolf fur
  • Black/white ball vessels
    Black/white ball vessels
    wool, silk, feathers, glass & natural beads
  • Covered small vase
    Covered small vase
    wool, silk, natural & glass beads, 4x3x3 inches
  • Blue ball vessel
    Blue ball vessel
    wool, silk, glass beads
  • Stack of bracelets
    Stack of bracelets
    wool, silk, glass & natural beads
  • Stack of scarves
    Stack of scarves
    silk chiffon, wool, silk
  • Wool/chiffon scarf
    Wool/chiffon scarf
    silk chiffon, wool, silk
  • Spiral silk chiffon scarf
    Spiral silk chiffon scarf
    silk chiffon, wool, silk
  • green spiral chiffon scarf
    Green spiral chiffon scarf
    silk chiffon, wool, silk
  • Blue earwarmer hat
    Blue earwarmer hat, wool/silk
  • Red Cloche Hat
    Red Cloche Hat, merino wool and silk, glass beads
  • Gold crown hat
    Gold crown hat, wool/silk
  • Teal earflap hat
    Teal earflap hat, wool, silk
  • Fairy flower child hat
    Fairy flower child hat, wool, silk
  • Topper crown hat
    Topper crown hat, wool, silk
  • Ethnic drum case
    Ethnic drum case, natural wools
    12x12x18 inches
  • Footed vessel blue/green
    Footed vessel blue/green, wool, beads
    9x9x8.5 inches
    Price: $260.00
  • Ball vessel black/red marbled
    Ball vessel black/red marbled, wool, angora, glass beads
    5x5x5 inches
  • Covered square bottle black/purple
    Covered square bottle black-green-purple, wool, glass beads, glass bottle, cork
    4.5x4.5x10 inches
    Price: $110.00
  • Pink gourd shaped vessel
    Pink gourd shaped vessel, wool, shellac, glass beads
    5x5x6 inches
  • Gourd shaped vessel green leaf
    Gourd shaped vessel green leaf, wool, silk, glass beads, shellac
    5.5x5.5x6 inches
  • Covered bottle blue
    Covered bottle blue, wool, mohair, beads, glass bottle, cork
    6x2.5x10.5 inches
    Price: $85.00
  • Small handbag black/purple /green
    Small handbag black/purple /green, wool, glass beads, shellac
    5x5x6 inches
    Price: $105.00
  • Ball shaped vessel purple and blue
    Ball shaped vessel purple and blue, wool, beads, shellac
    5x5x5 inches
  • Ball shaped vessel rust-brown-green
    Ball shaped vessel rust-brown-green, wool, silk, beads, shellac
    5x5x5 inches
  • Ball vessel
    Ball vessel "Ocean", wool, silk, glass beads, shellac
    5x5x5 inches
    Price: $120.00
  • Handbag with angora black-grey
    Handbag with angora black-grey, wool, angora, glass beads, shellac
    7x6.5x6.5 inches
    Price: $300.00
  • Table runner 3-band tan/rust
    Table runner 3-band tan/rust, wool, silk, shellac
    8.5x47x1/8 inches
  • Fringed bowl grey/black
    Fringed bowl grey/black, wool, angora, glass beads
    6x6x3.5 inches
    Price: $104.00
  • Blue clutch wallet
    Blue clutch wallet, wool, silk, beads
    7x5.5x2 inches
  • Handbag red-green
    Handbag red-green, wool, silk, beads, shellac
    7.5x6.5x6 inches
  • Boa Bowl
    Boa Bowl wool, silk, feathers, shellac, glass/natural beads
    5x5x6 inches
  • b/w wall hanging
    Black/white wall hanging wool, silk, magnets, shellac
    29x18x1/2 inches
    Price: $130.00
  • Orange blossom hat
    Orange blossom hat wool, silk
    8.5x8.5x11 inches
  • Golden Globe
    Golden globe vessel wool, glass beads, shellac
    5.5x5.5x5.5 inches
    Price: $135.00
  • Purple hat
    Purple hat
  • b/w mug
    Black/white mug wool, silk, glass/ metal/natural beads, shellac
    4x5x5 inches
    Price: $85.00
  • Green/purple knotwork hanging
    Green/purple knotwork hanging wool, silk, shellac, magnets
    26x19x1/2 inches
    Price: $150.00
  • White vessel
    White vessel with petals/pearls Wool, silk, glass beads, pearls, shellac
    4.5x4.5x4.5 inches
    Price: $130.00
  • Starfish bowl
    Starfish bowl wool, silk, freshwater pearls, natural beads, shellac
    5x5x5 inches
    Price: $130.00
  • Tribal bowl
    Tribal bowl wool, silk, natural/glass beads, shellac
    5x5x5 inches
    Price: $130.00
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